St Patty’s Day the San Antonio, TX Way!!

St. Patrick’s Day is here again!!  This is a time of year in the U.S. to enjoy parades – on the streets, in the rivers – yes, the rivers!, corned beef and sides, pub drinks, live music, and general merriment.  Folks are in high spirits ready to enjoy the entire weekend. San Antonio, TX a highly diverse and friendly tourist city doesn’t hold back on parties!  *Bonus video links can be found after this short story!!


Every year San Antonio hosts a grand parade along the riverwalk.  Each boat that glides by plays a variety of music for everyone to enjoy on a beautiful mild sunny day. I say mild, as spring is as sunny as summer, but with much less heat. 


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In addition to the main parade event, San Antonio welcomes many events further along the Riverwalk area.  We were blessed to experience the wonderful traditional Irish dances performed by the Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas. The crowd was enthusiastic and cheered on the young performers. It held a special place in my heart as my choir group traveled to San Antonio from Chicago around the same age to sing on stage in the area. San Antonio has long supported the performing arts of young artists with a warm welcome!

After enjoying the traditional Irish dances and Riverwalk parade, we walked through the San Antonio downtown area with our Meetup peeps. We came across Pat O’Briens Restaurant Pub and decided it was a good place to enjoy a meal and adult beverages. We choose to enjoy the outdoor patio with live music and a great friendly vibe. The decor with the water fountain made me think of our other home in Morelia Mexico and the balcony area gave me an instant New Orleans feel full of vibrance. It is a family friendly place as well. 

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So, you want a wee bit of feeling like you are there, eh?  Check out the videos of the events on YouTube! Here are the video links;

San Antonio Riverwalk Parade (6 including the duck seating view):

Traditional Irish Dancers presented by the Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas (5):

Pat O’Brien’s live music (3):




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