Morelia Michoacán Munchies


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sopa de Tarascos – yes like the name of the fountain in Morelia!

Michoacán is home to a variety of culinary delight.  It is known around Mexico and globally for the arts and their edible art is no exception.  UNESCO has named the food of Michoacán as a world heritage.  The food of Michoacán is an integral part of their culture, with many dishes originating from Mexico’s indigenous peoples.  So, as you are enjoying the deliciousness, you are sharing the food of the ancients.  As promised in the USMexpats YouTube video, Morelia Munchies, I am going to explain each of the dishes seen in the video.

The opening drink of the video is called Rompope.  The photo includes the rompope estilo casera that my sister in law makes at her home in the traditional way.  She prepares it in a large copper pan.  It is made with egg yolks, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and rum.  Although there are many recipes online, I prefer already made by my cunis as it takes a while to prepare it just right.  We often drink rompope during the month of December.  It is great by itself or, enjoy it poured over some gelatina.  If you would like to order rompope along with additional treats for a party or an event or just for yourself, please visit my sister Iliana’s page at

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This dish consists of multiple food items.  Flautas, which are rolled tacos, along with carne asada or what we call skirt steak.  The flautas can be filled with chicken, pork, beef, beans, or cheese.  This is also served with rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, and avocado.  Pico de gallo is made with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

Nieve or ice cream comes in over thirty plus flavors!!  They are served with adorable umbrellas and tiny spoons in Morelia.  You can opt for a cone or a cup.  The ice cream is made fresh locally with only natural ingredients.  Healthy ice cream?  I say YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This four glass sampler is the liquor called mezcal.  It is often served with orange slices and spicy seasonings on artisan handcrafted ceramic plates.  The plates in this photo are made in area towns of Morelia.

IMG_1540 (2) - Copy

This dish is brown mole over chicken served with pasta.  My sister in law made this delicious creation.  I enjoy dining at her table!


Whole fresh fried fish is a popular dish.  Each town outside of Morelia has their own unique lake fishes.  When you eat this from the lake in Patzcuaro for example, it will differ from when you eat it from the lake in Zirahuen.  It is typically served with a side of rice, salad, and house salsa.  Tiny fried fish called, charales, are a delicacy in Patzcuaro and other towns surrounding Lake Janitzio. They are eaten like chips with a squeeze of lime juice and salsa.  All we do is squeeze some fresh lime juice, splash a dash of salsa and enjoy!!  Buen provecho!

IMG_5579 (2)IMG_5576 (2)IMG_1511 (2) - CopyIMG_1515 - Copy

Rotisserie chicken from Chimi Churis comes in over 15 flavors with many salsas.  My sister in law made the rice and salad as sides.


Churros, churros, churros!!!  Stateside has nothing on these freshly made cinnamon crunchiness delights.  Their crunchy exterior wrapped in cinnamon and sugar yields a soft inside.

IMG_8502 (2)

This is a concha.  Made of soft bread generously covered with a colorful topping of sugar.  They can be found in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and yellow varieties.


This triangle treat is a corunda.  It tastes similar to a tamale but is shaped like a pyramid.  You can choose different meats from chicken to pork to beef or simply cheese.  It prepared in the banana leaves.  It is like opening a tasty gift as you unravel the banana wrap.

IMG_8692IMG_8691IMG_8696IMG_0807 - Copy

Caldo de Camarones or shrimp soup.   We sprinkle in cilantro and onions for extra flavor!


This delightful dinner is called sopas de rajas.  It is made with an edible bowl like masa with a filling of sliced poblano peppers made with cream, cheese, and onions.  We top it with salsa.  I add extra cream when they come out spicy so my mouth does not catch fire!!


Ceviche de pescado is fish cooked by lime juices.  It is then prepared with tomato, cilantro, and onion for a fresh flavor topped with a favorite salsa.  It is typically served on tostadas or crackers.  So, we enjoy a freshness with a satisfying crunch.

IMG_8704 (2)

This is broccoli soup that actually tastes good!  It is made with cream.  A simple dish that is healthy. My mama made this one.

IMG_0471 - Copy

Now, that we ate healthy for a bit.  It is time for dessert.  A light chocolate coffee cake with pecan (nuez) enjoyed with a Cafecito (small coffee) is a delicacy. We had this while out and about with family in el centro (downtown) Morelia.  It is a great way to end the day.

IMG_0521 (2) - Copy

I know you are thinking of chocolate when you see this!  chocolate?!  But…, it looks like it has a pit or seed.  Confused?  Yes, so was I at first.  It is a fruit.  This can be eaten all by itself or used as a topping on another favorite dessert. 

IMG_0713 (3) - Copy

Pan dulce or sweetbreads are baked fresh every day.  We walk down to the corner bakery shops to get a variety of pan.  We then enjoy them in the morning as a light breakfast with a cafecito.   Also, we eat them early in the evenings as a dessert with a light cafecito.

IMG_0716 (2) - Copy

Pozole is available in white or red just like clam chowder.  The meat in a pozole soup can be pork or chicken.  The soup includes hominy corn.  Some people serve it with lettuce while others serve it with cabbage.  Some people even throw radishes in.  There is really no wrong way to eat it.  It is yummy.

IMG_0728 - CopyIMG_0729 - Copy

Atole is a warm drink made with corn.  It comes in three flavors, canela (cinnamon), vanila (vanilla), and fresa (strawberry).  This is a wonderful drink to warm us up in winter chilly months like December.  Speaking of December, this is a great month to visit Morelia and the surrounding area.  This is the time of posadas where we enjoy plenty of tamales and atole.  Every home has it and we are always invited to enjoy some.

IMG_1034 - Copy

Homemade fruit and veggie water is a staple in my husband’s family.  This is guava water.  We, also, enjoy strawberry, cucumber, papaya, carrot, pineapple, and coconut waters.

IMG_1418 (2) - Copy
IMG_1596 - Copy

Sopa de habas that is made with Portuguese lupini beans.  We add dried pepper slices.  The pepper is one of the peppers used in a mole.

IMG_1597 - Copy

This is one of my favorites dishes ever!!  Chiles rojos rellenos de queso capeados!!!  It is red pepper stuffed with panela cheese rolled in flour and egg light fried and topped with salsa and cream.  The amount of cream depends on the spicy level of the pepper.


A gazpacho in Morelia is just so very good.  Even the honeybees recognize the fresh fruits.  These fruit mega cups are filled with diced mangos, pineapple, jicama, oranges, orange juice, spicy pepper, onion, and crumbled cheese.  It is sweet with just a kick of spice to keep you energized throughout the day.

gaspacho de Morelia
spicy fruit cup

This may be one of the most familiar dishes to many outside Mexico.  The Taco.  This taco is carne asada or grilled beef.  Taco meats may include all parts of chicken, pork, and beef.  Vegan options include a variety of beans.  Vegetarians may opt-in for quesadillas (melted cheese tacos) or all the toppings; onions, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, avocado without the meat.  Any way we choose to create and eat them, they are a quick simple dish to enjoy.

For those who have not yet seen the video, please visit here!  Buen provecho!! Enjoy!



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