10 Things to love in Downtown Morelia!!

There is so much I love about Morelia.  Morelia has something for everyone!  Are you a bookworm?  Do you enjoy fireworks?  Do you like shopping?  Do you enjoy architecture and history?  Do you love food and drinks? Do you want activities that engage your children (and wear out that extra energy aka I’m bored syndrome) that you can enjoy too?  Do you like mild sunny weather?  It is hard to write just ten, but here goes…

Number 1 – Cathedral Fireworks Display Show

A must experience in Morelia is the Saturday evening lights and fireworks show at the downtown cathedral!!  This is a great event for families, couples, and mature folks.  Then, taking a casual walk around downtown yields so much more to explore.

Number 2 – Dining and Drinks

Downtown Morelia has so many restaurants and cafes to excite your palate while offering gorgeous views.  Restaurants offer a great variety of food.  Some have the popular foods we already know such as tacos and enchiladas.  While others offer modern tastes such as makis (sushi rolls).  However, many more provide the traditional Michoacan artisan dishes that are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage.  To learn more about these foods click here – Morelia Michoacán Munchies

Find a delicious dinner and enjoy a drink at any of the downtown restaurants.  Restaurant tip I was once told that has served me well over the years: go to restaurants where you see other people.  Often empty restaurants are empty for a reason or two.  What is dinner without a fine artisan crafted beer?  One of my favorites is La Bru.  Be sure to save room for dessert.  Or, as often happens in Michoacan, if you are too full, then enjoy dessert as a mid-afternoon delight another day.  Morelia boasts many delightful desserts including; intricate pasteles (pastries/cakes), flan (have to try – hard to explain), and pan dulce (sweet bread).  We typically enjoy each of these with a comforting cafecito (small light coffee).  Many places have ample seating options; indoor, patio, balcony, and rooftop.  However, outdoor seating is the best for great views!  All seating options are included with the dining experience so everyone can feel like a VIP without the extra expense.  When there, be sure to take in all of the architectural buildings to discover!





Number 3 – Architecture

As a Chicago gal, I greatly appreciate architectural details in buildings and structures.  Architectural creations are art that endures for generations.  I felt right at home in Morelia.  The historical buildings throughout downtown can take days – even years to fully see the elaborate details.    It just feels tranquil walking downtown.  The tranquility has to do in large part with all the green space of the plentiful parks.

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Number 4 – Green Garden Parks

There are so many green spaces full of gorgeous gardens and parks.  The trees are masterfully manicured into beautiful shapes.  While the gardens in the plazas and indoor open atriums abound with blasts of vibrant colors.  There are botanical gardens spread out everywhere!  The gardens and parks extend beyond the downtown out into the nearby neighborhoods and up through the mountainside.



Number 5 – Museums, Museums, Museums!!

Morelia is full of museums.  There is a museum for everyone!  Do you love history?  Do you love art?  Do you love candy?  Candy?!  Yes, I said candy!!  One that is mostly good for you.  It is made with real fruit.  This delicious museum is the Museo de Dulces.  But, I call it the Ate candy store.  The guides, dressed up in beautiful traditional dress, take you through a tour of how fruit candy called ‘ate’ began and is still made.  They have a kitchen area where they show you how to make the ate in copper cookware.  Of course, as any good chef or cook can tell you, you must try what you make to be sure it is just right.  So, they provide a sample cup with a spoon to try the fresh made soft ate.  They offer additional samples with even more flavors in their gift shop too.  After you have enjoyed your fulfilling sugar fix, you can run around to the other museums nearby such as the Museo de Morelos.  The Morelos Museum teaches the history of Morelia.  Did you know that Morelia was once known by another name?  Learn more about that there!

Cucina de Museo de Dulces – The Candy Museum kitchen is the place to be!!
My first visit to the candy store – 11 years ago!

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Number 6 – Theatre and the Arts

Take in a live performance theatre show!  During one occasion while Enrique and I were walking along downtown, we came across the arts and theatre building.  We were invited to a free comedy-drama production that was scheduled for later that day in the afternoon.  The theatre production brought in area school children along with the public to enjoy a hilarious show.  They handed us program brochures with adorable caricatures of the actors and actresses that included crossword trivia puzzles and coloring pages for the children – And me- what??  It was a great opportunity to practice my Spanish writing skills and learn about the culture too!  We were fortunate to enjoy the show up close from the front rows.  After the show, the actors and actresses gave their time to meet with the audience.




Number 7 – Festivals and Clowning Around

Throughout the year, Morelia has many festivals.  They include arts and crafts festivals to religious festivals – all are welcome!  Also, downtown parks and streets host street artists and clowns.  Clowns give funny performances such as juggling bowling pins along with good-natured belly laugh chistes (jokes).  They create balloon animals for everyone to enjoy.  Fire guys who juggle objects engulfed in flames can often be found at downtown intersections too!!


Number 8 – Shopping

Bring a bit of Morelia home with you!  Visit stores for the latest clothing styles, handcrafted jewelry, footwear, and home and garden art.  I picked up a few pairs (ok, more like one of nearly every shade and fade) of fitted jeans and a beautiful dancing dress that feel like custom tailored clothes.  They are affordable with good quality made in Mexico.  The silver store with an outdoor stand sells fine silver jewelry from stand-alone necklaces with pendants to sculptured bracelets and rings.  It is so much fun to try them on to find the ones that fit you!  The mega market downtown is great to browse through the immense selection.  The artisan market offers various candies (shopping makes me hungry), huaraches (super comfy durable sandals), traditional exquisitely embroidered cotton blouses, bottoms, and dresses, and home and garden art – paintings, pottery, garden sculptures, drinking mugs, shot glasses, and so much more!

Jewelry shopping!!

Number 9 – Library and Bookstores 

If you love to read and want to improve your Spanish skills, head on over to one of the many bookstores.  Browse through the books, sit for a bit with a drink, and get the books to go so you can keep reading at your leisure.  In addition to the historical references available on the shelves, the library has classic architecture to soak up as well.  It is a great place to go in even if you are not reading, just to sit for a bit to take in the architectural design.

Number 10 – Simply Las Miradores or the Views 

New Viewing Spot

IMG_5444 (2)

One of the original viewing spots within an established neighborhood


One of many views of Morelia from within the downtown streets


Bonus video for readers who read to the end…

Morelia Downtown Music Festival – YouTube

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