10 Things to Do in Morelia

1. Visit area neighborhood garden parks throughout Morelia!

park walk
One of the many downtown parks
art in the park
zoo area park
Enrique and Charlie stroll the park
pavers that go on for a long time
whisper soft pines
dog with floppy ears?
park near the end of the aqueducts
Patty and Enrique
fountain of a woman by Boulevard Garcia De Leon
1541 Centennial Plaza fountain of a woman
1917 Constitution Monument aka eagle statue park near one of Morelia’s main entries


2.  Visit the nature sanctuary – warning not for the faint of fitness!!  This one is a bit of a hike for some, so take your time to take in the view.  ‘What?!  No, I am not winded, I am just taking in the delicate caterpillars close up!!!  Aren’t they so cute!!’

This is the Los Filtros Viejos Morelia or Old Filters Morelia

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3.  Enjoy the many puentes de las vistas buenas   (beautiful viewing areas)

Morelia area view – the pink color is a field of flowers!
Wow! So many stairs!! By the way, check out that view!!!
Morelia view from La Paloma neighborhood (up the hill from the zoo)
IMG_8092 - Copy
A Mil Cumbres neighborhood view of Morelia – lovely house too!
Morelia Mountain view from El Mirador
One of the original lookout viewing points of Morelia – El Mirador

4.  Take a combi or tour bus around town to visit areas like Santa Maria, Las Palomas, Altozano, the military zone (where you will see the active duty army along with their sleeping area), and more to enjoy the mountainsides, houses, and warm sunny air.

This is a camion or bus.  The vehicle in front of the blue pick up truck is a combi.  Also, it is common to see people riding motorbikes and mopeds throughout Morelia.  Great way to see everything and gain easy parking spaces!!
Camiones – notice the windshield on the blue one!!  I’ll explain more with the close-up photo below.
Camion with Morelia scenery
I recently watched a vlog with a couple who didn’t understand the transit system.  Don’t let this be you!  The combis have a numbering color-coded system.  Each number and color is a particular route.  The camiones or buses have destinations written on the windshields.  So, this bus in the photo is going to the Liverpool Mall, Jesus Del Monte, and the UVAQ University in Altozano.  Also, if you ask the drivers, many are helpful.  If your Spanish is limited, just repeat your destination a couple of times, i.e. El Centro, or Altozano, or zona militar.  The driver will reply with a number in there somewhere.  If his/her vehicle does not have this number, tell them gracias, and leave to find the right route.

5.  Go to the Liverpool and Altozano malls for dining, drinking, and shopping.


6. Are you an alitas fan?  Alitas are chicken wings.  Do you enjoy pizza?  Have you ever thought to try French or Asian food?  Well, there are restaurants throughout Morelia beyond the downtown where you can enjoy a bite of foreign foods such as these.  Young Morelia loves foreign foods such as makis (cooked sushi rolls), alitas, and pizza.

IMG_8058 (2)
Chapultepec Sur restaurant and Cinepolis movie theater.  Left at the light takes you to Sams, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.  Right at the light, left, then right takes you to the nature sanctuary.
This is a popular area restaurant.  The wifi pastry and coffee cafe, bookstore, gym, and Mega grocery store are nearby.
makis!!!  There are a variety of flavors.  You can ask for makis without cheese too.

7.  Catch a movie with subtitles at Cinepolis.  Available in both English and Spanish audio/subtitles.  Check the movie listings.

IMG_8058 (2)

8.  Enjoy one of the many festivals that Morelia has year round.

This was in December one year.  What the devil?  Go to the posadas, find the baby in the Reyes, make some tamales, and enjoy the street bonfires sipping on warm atole on a cool winter night!!

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2016 Morelia May Fiesta Expo

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9.  Take your children or your child-like heart to the zoologico.  The zoo has many outdoor exhibits that include the large cats.

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10.  Enjoy the colonial era style buildings alongside the indigenous homes right next door to modern style homes.

This corner home caught my eye in the early 2000’s.  It inspired an update to our living room and dining room decor.  Yes, we painted the inside of our home red and yellow when we returned home from this visit to Morelia!!
This photo is, also, from the early 2000’s.  I fell in love with this ‘home’.  I was later told it was a nightclub.  But, I still love the style with the large windows overall and the arched upper-level windows along with the dome.  I feel that it captures the essence of Morelia architecture.
This is a building in downtown Morelia.  You will find many historical buildings with step out balconies such as this.  Additionally, the door designs are simply incredible and intricate.  Plus, the stonework.  The large beautiful antique lanterns add to the charm day and night.  If nothing else gets done during your visit, at least take in these details.


Feliz Navidad!!  Christmas of 2015
Modern Morelia homes
A planned waterfall
Just in case you don’t believe me
modern sculpture art in the park


*** Next time I will take you out to the towns surrounding Morelia.  The longer your time in Morelia the more that you can explore!  While the downtown is lovely, the entire city of Morelia has much to enjoy!!  

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  1. My wife and I would certainly love to hook up with you and your husband, or just you. For a guided tour and question session. We are so excited to come to Morelia. We will be there from Jan 8,-Mar 23-2019. If possible please contact us. I would be more that happy to compensate you for your efforts.


  2. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    1. I’m sorry to hear you are encountering issues with the photos uploading, Collin. How are you viewing this? Is it via a laptop, tablet, phone? Have you tried testing your internet service speed? There are times that this can slow down uploads. I had this issue in both Morelia and San Antonio on my laptop with slow internet providers. Then, in Morelia, it was just certain areas that I had the issue, while other places everything moved super quick and clear. This can be so frustrating. I will definitely check my website to be sure that content is loading correctly too. Please do visit again. I hope it works better for you!

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