A Peek Into Paricutin and Periban

One morning bright and early our family decided to go to Uruapan from Morelia.  The crisp cool air among the avocado orchards was one of my favorite experiences in Mexico.  We later visited Periban and Paricutin.  Paricutin is a volcano located near Angahuan just about 155km from Morelia and 50km from the ‘avocado capital’ of Uruapan.  Periban is located 82km West of Paricutin (unless you take the backroads).  It is no wonder we left so early in the morning!

El Centro Periban Downtown
Patty and Enrique in the dome
Mural of Periban
Mural of Periban
History mural of Periban

Paricutin has a sleeping volcano.

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While enjoying our meal, we enjoyed a video that explains the history of the area.  A member of our extended family was shown in the original video history of Paricutin.  This was a great experience for us as the family story was passed on to us.

We are enjoying dinner with the end of day sunshine!!  It is likely what kept me up along with the excitement of visiting a bunch of places I didn’t hear of before this trip.
enchiladas with carne, rice, beans, pico de gallo topped off with fresh limes and Uruapan avocado.  Fresh made salsa to add more sabor (flavor)!  Served with a cold beer.

The volcano is a day’s horse ride back and forth from this restaurant and viewing point.  The only way to reach there is on horseback.  Fortunately, there are adorable cabins nearby to stay overnight.  So, no worries about riding and driving.


This is a viewing point near the restaurant. In the distance, on the far right, you can see the town that was once devastated by the volcano.  It is located just under the beautiful colors of the sunset.  Of course, as you can see be careful where you step as these are steep drops.


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