Santa Clara del Cobre Copper Creations

A day out with our family yielded the beauty of Santa Clara del Cobre. We stopped by this local street vendor for some fresh coconut while exploring Santa Clara del Cobre.  The soft meat of the coconut is a treat for me.  I only had dry coconut and coconut candies while growing up in Chicago Midwest USA.  The coconut in Michoacan is served fresh cut from the tree in a bag that contains the coconut meat, coconut water, lime juice, and spices. The coconut vendor will open the coconut right there in front of you to ensure the utmost freshness.  It is so refreshing to enjoy a natural cool drink on a warm day while shopping outside.


This shop featured many different horse sculptures.  This one caught my eye as it captures the genuine features of a beautiful equine. The sculpture embodies the spirited nature of the horse in all its glory. It was just the gorgeous attention to details that riveted me to this piece of art.


Who doesn’t love the dragon?  A tremendous mythical creature. The fire breathing horse of the skies!  This sculpture is copper based with multicolor lacquers over the copper.  Oh, and of course the surrounding copper clocks that actually function.  Functional beauty.


This beautiful masterpiece is an etched copper scene of a town in Michoacan.  It eloquently reflects the tiled roofs and balconies overlooking the flowing water with the flowering trees in full bloom. I could stand there for a time (and I did) looking at this etching while imagining myself sitting on a balcony with a book and cafecito.  Or, rowing in a boat admiring the view along the water.


Aww, cats!!! One of my favorite creatures!  Here the copper cat sculptures have a splash of playful color.  Cats are truly curious companions. If there is something to explore, you can be sure a cat will encounter it.


Well, about halfway through our day in Santa Clara, we became hungry.  All the walking and shopping must have done it.  Our family kept telling Enrique and me about the tostadas de ceviche in el centro (downtown) del Cobre.  We had to try them.  It was a simple delicious hit the spot without weighing you down meal. We felt satisfied, but not too full to keep walking around town.


Don’t let this photo fool you – I ate more than one tostada and I liked it!
Plaza de el Centro de Santa Clara del Cobre
A tricolor copper adjustable ring fits just right!
This ring – different from the others – called to me.
Enrique bought a simple band to wear out and about.


A panorama photo along with a couple of quick shots in the main area of Santa Clara.

One of the most beautiful features of Michoacan is the mountains along with the often clear blue skies.  Santa Clara is no exception.  As we drove through town, I captured them for varied viewpoints.

I saw this sculpture as we drove through town to leave for the day.  I recently watched a movie circa 2005 made for paisanos about Michoacan that included a portion with Santa Clara.  The video highlighted two sculptures similar to this guy.  Is he the same one?  Is it the same artisan?  Now, I must go back to ask.


On our way home from Santa Clara

As we left Santa Clara, we encountered a bit of Mexican ingenuity.  Who says a motorcycle can’t haul a trailer?  Definitely not this guy!  I love this idea. A great way to travel light, but still have the essentials.

Finally, a video bonus for those who stuck around to the end of this presentation… While visiting one of the local stores, an artisan invited us for a three minute tour.  He walked us through the steps to take raw copper material and transform it into beautiful and functional items.  Such items include pottery, cooking pots and pans (used to make ate candy and rompope drinks), clocks, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and home decor. Watch it here!!


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