Playing Tourist in Mexico E-Book Invite

This week, March 3-9 has been read an ebook week for just over twelve years.  As winter is wrapping up across Canada and the U.S., it is time to use this indoor time to plan out future vacations.  We are all thinking about someplace affordable and warm.  Well, look no farther than our Southern neighbor, Mexico!! Whether it is a long weekend or a one to couple week trip, the diversity of Mexico welcomes all interests.  Mexico boasts colonial cities much like Europe, plenty of color, sunshine, mountain views, scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, hot spring saunas, and so much more.

We have an ebook out now too. A group of us ladies who have lived and worked in Mexico put together our collective experiences in the form of short stories. We share with you each of our experiences all across Mexico from the Northern states of Baja California and Coahuila to the Midstates of Queretaro, Guanajuato, and San Luis Potosi to the Southern states of Oaxaca, Michoacan, to Veracruz, to the Yucatan. There are plenty of photos too!! If you want to see the photos in a larger size or read more stories by a given author be sure to follow the authors’ links at the end of our book! Our ebook called, Playing Tourist in Mexico – Surviving Mexico Adventures and Disasters is available by clicking here.

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