A to Z Challenge 2019 – Homestead Uncensored – Updated Link

What is it like living in a rural area of Mexico? What is it like to start a homestead? There are many homesteaders out there blogging and vlogging about it.

Sarah Suss’ family blogs about homesteading…in Mexico! She writes that it does involve work; however, she enjoys the daily beauty of nature along with the overall lifestyle of country living to include fresh foods. Fresh foods such as the fruits shown in the photo. They ripen naturally to produce scents that indulge your sense of smell. Traffic flow in her area includes ‘adorable baby tarantulas’ and cute goats. She finds it to be a much more relaxing pace after living in three different countries. Local children, also, enjoy playing outdoors after a bit of homeschool time.

Discover homesteading the Mexican way at Homestead Uncensored at:

Homestead Uncensored | Building a food forest in rural Mexico. Told to you straight. (wordpress.com)

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

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