Flowers of Morelia

One of my absolute favorites about Morelia hands down are the flowers!  My grandpa apprenticed as a horticulturist in his birthplace of Wyk Auf Föhr, a small European Northern Sea island.  His love of plants eventually brought him to the U.S. Well, the love of plants has passed down to me. I discovered that I was pretty decent in the garden. I have gardened in Chicago, Morelia, Houston, and San Antonio. As Morelia has a year-round mild temperate climate, it is great for plants. There is so much life in Morelia. From fruit trees to palm trees to flower bushes and trees.

Camelinas by the armory
camelinas blissfully spread like a vine along this brick wall and ornate gate

These are my absolute favorite flowers of Morelia!!  They come in an extravagantly wide variety of colors. I asked everyone and searched diligently online for the name for years.  Enrique’s family and many Morelians call them flores de camelinas.  It was not until a couple of years ago when I visited The Chicago Botanical Gardens that I finally discovered the name of the flowers. I went there for an orchid exhibit with my parents. We entered the tropical plants area at one point where I saw my beloved flowers.  I was so enthusiastic that I now had a name for them. I excitedly exclaimed to my parents that these were the flowers of Morelia that I was talking about!!!  I am sure the other visitors to the gardens were like, ‘ok lady just calm down’. 

Gorgeous peach and pink camelinas along the roadway returning to the city
camelinas to the right and yellow countryside flowers to the left, plus palm trees

They are called bougainvillea.  I have recently learned they are available in garden centers from California to Texas along with online shopping places. Now there are an abundance of photos of these flowers online under both names!! Ah life before the internet – yes that did exist… Either name you prefer to call them, they are absolutely gorgeous and proliferate quite well in Morelia. These flowers grow best in temperatures ranging from 65-75 degrees. This may be a large reason why they grow so great in Morelia.

orange camelinas
Purple camelinas bush
red and purple camelinas grow over the back walls of these Morelia homes
camelinas camelinas – purple, pink, and red along the aqueduct area
glorious red
purple passion
Bougainvilleas at the Chicago Botanic Gardens
Bougainvillea flowers at the Chicago Botanic Gardens – oh, the flower is not the colorful part
Orange trees in the middle of the busy streets! These little oranges are sun ripened and juicy.
Chapultepec Sur Park
Conservatory atrium
Hanging ivy tree
Enrique explains to me about the plants.
This palm plant is bigger than me!
Iquito explores the escape route through the ferns in our side garden.
Oscar enjoyed lounging among the ferns.
Tropical plant
Check out this pollinator at work in these gorgeous purple flowers.
Countryside pink flowers
Cacti grow everywhere!
white flowering tree
countryside white flowers – bonus do you see the insect hanging out here?
Seriously, cacti grow everywhere! No joke.
manzanillo or chamomile flowers
chamomile’s pink cousin
Came across these on the outskirts of the city while enjoying some time with horses
A pit bloom…Charlie enjoys walking through the flowers

Thank you for reading to the end! Now, you earned a bonus video. Enrique and Patty are walking Charlie in Morelia when we encounter butterflies on their migratory path.

Double bonus video: Why? Because: I randomly found this video in my collection that I took of Morelia countryside crickets. I came across this while creating this flower blog post. I took the video back when I was looking at the countryside flowers near Morelia. Bees and butterflies are not the only cool insects that give us amazing flowers to enjoy! An abundance of life is beautiful.

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