Silver Springs State Park Day Hike

Here we were at the last weekend of December 2020. We were determined to enjoy this long autumn weather. Each chance we had we were out. Biking. Hiking. Walking. This time we decided on Silver Springs State Park. It felt like an easy hike after the Starved Rock and Matthiessen trails!! Now, we have snow on the ground. We will be transitioning our gear again for the new elements.

Beaver Lake and Loon Lake – yes, we saw a beaver!
nature’s asymmetrical art
This beaver selected an excellent estate with a view of two lakes!
A close up view
humans and nature meet again
Late autumn colors
Enrique and Charlie climb a hill.

It was here as I stood with my eyes closed for a bit. I could hear the caw of crows in the distance. The songs of other birds nearby. The hum of the electric lines overhead. Squirrels chattering at Lillie. Enrique calling out to Charlie. The sounds of traffic even further away. Gun shots in the near distance. A freight train even further in the distance. Sounds. What my ears can hear and my brain interpret. We often rely on our eyes and our vision to experience our world. We find that we often overlook what our other senses pick up. Relocators and travelers alike will tell you that what is heard is just as vivid as what is seen. What do you hear in your surroundings? What would you miss if you were to leave your space?

Lillie looks ahead on our journey
Ugh, ticks… Thankful the season for them is nearly over
Cloud break!
Check out this cloud formation in the sky! Do you see the bird?
The frozen runner in the lake. Do you see the runner or the ostrich?
We remembered to bring the dog dishes this time. Love these uber-light collapsible containers.
Lillie investigates the downed log stump for messages
boat launch area
Charlie enters anyway! Ok, so this is for motorized vehicles.
life upon life
A nest home up in the trees
beautiful black soil…great for growth
a fungus among us
This trail allows for hiking and skiing…snow is here, so guess what we will do on a return visit?
more growth on a tree
animal crime scene…Lillie and Patty investigate
Alright gamers, what game does this tree remind you of? Enrique pointed this out…
A gorgeous sunset to end our day!

Now, for those who read to the end…time for another video!! Or, two or three! Our fawn pitbull, Charlie stars in these videos.

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