Wing Park Winter Walk

What we love about Elgin, IL is all of the parks in the area with large spaces! This creates plenty of dog friendly places. We walk Charlie and Lillie all throughout Elgin. This time we feature Wing Park. Wing Park is located on Elgin’s Central West Side. There are basketball courts, baseball fields, golf course, picnic areas, outdoor band shell for local music and theatre, outdoor swim center, sledding slopes, soccer fields, trails for beginner hikers, and tennis courts. There is also natural water that flows through to the Fox River. It is a relaxing rush to watch the water and simply listen as it goes by. For now, we pull on our winter wear to walk through the snow with our dogs.

Can you see the Chihuahua?
Yay! We are here!!
baseball dug out
baseball field turned winter wonderland for dogs!
Wing Park Water Recreational Center – swim in the summer, stand on the bridge in autumn to watch the natural water
feels like a greeting card
Check out those straight up branches!
Captured snow in the air
Actually caught a snapshot of the cold air!

Now, that we took you through the winter wonder of Wing Park. Here is a video of downtown Elgin during the summer. The car tour takes us from The Centre through the restaurant heart of downtown. Then, we turn by the former Elgin Community College/U-46 building to take you by The Festival Park and Grand Victoria Casino. We end at the historic Clock Tower Plaza.

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