Lords Park Dog Walks

Lords Park is another great park located in Elgin, IL. It is full of history. Lords Park has a museum and a living animal farm and zoo. The pavilion that now hosts weddings for locals used to also warm ice skaters years ago when they skated on the pond. Now, we enjoy the bison and elk and deer that live there. The elk enjoy a call or two – see the video at the end of this post… Also, the pond near the pavilion has several duck couples and flocks of geese. Elginites enjoy sledding there with their families as well. We learn more about the watershed on the other side of the elk enclosure. The stream runs through during the spring, summer, and autumn. Plus, Lillie’s favorite – squirrels!! Squirrels in great abundance actively play throughout the park. This is due in large part to the large centuries old trees. Basketball and tennis courts are available year round for outdoor enjoyment as well. Now, follow us on our winter walk through Lord’s Park!

Charlie and Lillie enjoy a run in the snow
Lillie checks out the same tree found interesting
Enrique and Charlie among the trees
Former ice skating area now a duck pond
A Pleasant place to sit
Their umbrella works all year – shade from summer sun, spring and autumn rains, and winter ice
Lords Park Pavillion
A pond in years past that ice skaters would skate and gathered families
a relaxing place to sit
more fish for them
duck couples enjoy a brisk swim in the pond
oh dear there are deer
bison lay in the snow
Lords Park Farm Zoo

Welcome to the bonus video!! Lillie and Patty crunching along in the snow. Who says snow has no sound? Every season brings unique sounds and winter is no exception!

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