James Pate Philip State Park Winter Walk

Although I had passed this park many times on my way to visit my grandpa, this was the first time I stopped here. Of course, Enrique and I chose the last week of January to make the trek… It sure beats staying at home cozy and warm!! All joking aside, this was a beautiful tranquil place to hike. Also, with active hunting, yes there were signs, it was a great awareness training for us as well. Lillie and Patty had on bright colors. Lillie with her neon pink jacket and Patty with her sunshine yellow hiking coat. Charlie and Enrique blended into the natural scenery. Charlie does look like a deer with his fawn color coat… Yet, other trailers advised us to watch out for coyotes in the area. No one mentioned the deer hunting at all.

James Pate Philip State Park is located at 2050 West Stearns Road in Bartlett, IL. You can learn more by visiting barlettparks.org. It feels good to get outdoors in our local area. There is much to explore. It is good for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Lillie checks out messages on this sign, while Patty reads it.
Northern Illinois is home to many wetland areas.
Viewing the wetlands
A beautiful blend of trees along the wetland areas.

The bonus video this week features Iquito eating grass in the greenhouse. As those of you who have been following us for a while know, he is our 18 year old and arguably the oldest in our home. He is the reason this post is later than our normal weekly post. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. We needed time to take this in, while giving him the greatest attention and care. We truly appreciate the advice and support from fellow geriatric pet parents and pet people. Your kindness means so much to us. Thank you. He and Oscar enjoyed many cross country and international travels with us! We felt we should share this as you all have seen him here and on Patty’s Peaceful Place of Paz.

He regained some weight during this time and is eating voraciously. We are hoping for a recovery and are grateful for each moment.

Greenhouse grass in February is a reason to be grateful.

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